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Which is the Best Electric Bike Motor: Hub Motor or Mid-drive?

If you are interested in buying an electric bike and researching options, you may find that there are two types of motors on modern electric bikes: hub motors and mid-drives. In addition to your budget, the location of the motor is the biggest decision you must make. Although both of these options will help you when you step on the pedal, there are big differences in technology, and it's helpful to know these before you submit.

Ⅰ. Hub motor and mid-drive motor

The electric bicycle hub motor is placed in the center of the rear wheel or on the hub, but the motor can also be placed on the hub of the front wheel. The motor provides propulsion by rotating the tire on which it is mounted. The motor has no effect on the main pedal drive system. There are two types of electric bicycle hub motors. Geared hub motors have internal planetary gears to reduce the speed of higher RPM motors. Gears are a weak point, because teeth may break, and reinforced nylon gears will eventually fall off. There is no gear and no gear device, which directly connects the shaft of the lower RPM motor stator to the bicycle. There are no moving parts except its bearings so there is no wear.

The central drive motor is located in the middle of the bicycle, between the pedals of the bottom bracket of the bicycle, and is designed to drive the crank or pedals and transmit the power of the motor to the rear wheels through a chain drive. Advances in mid-drive motor technology have led to smaller, lighter, and quieter electric bicycles.

Ⅱ. Advantages of the hub motor and mid-drive motor

The advantages of the electric bicycle hub motor:

1. Based on more than ten years of design, it is simple to manufacture and low in cost, thereby reducing costs;

2. It can be retrofitted to almost all traditional bicycles with a conversion kit;

3. The electric bicycle hub motor is a pedal drive system Redundancy is provided, so if you lose one, you can use the other to go home, that is, if the chain breaks, you can rely on electricity to go home (if you have the accelerator), or if the hub motor fails, you can step on the pedal to go home.

The advantages of the mid-drive motor:

1. It has higher performance and torque compared with similar power hub motors;

2. The position uses the existing gears of the bicycle to provide greater power and range;

3. The maintenance and repair of the motor It is as simple as taking out two bolts and replacing it;

4. It is smaller and lighter than a similar power hub motor;

5. The torque sensor is used to adjust the motor power according to your pedaling force, so as to make the riding more stable.

So which is the best? Based on cost, weight, gear usage, and reliability, each method has advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, unless you have some unique requirements for these key attributes, then you can choose electric bicycle hub motors according to your own preferences.