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Safety Tips for Riding an E-Cycle Motor

Many people say that once you learn how to ride a bicycle, you will never forget it. But what about E-cycle motors? In addition to balancing and understanding the position of the pedals, you must also be able to effectively use the motor and electric functions. To learn how to ride an E-cycle motor, you must fully utilize the size of the battery and the range, which is a different experience.

What is different about riding an E-cycle motor?

Full power/throttle

These types of E-cycle motors have a throttle on the handlebars. If you have modified your own bicycle into an E-cycle motor, you will know that this is an additional component that must be placed on the handlebars during the modification process. It does all the work for you. It allows the motor to move and cover 100% of the weight so you don't have to pedal at all. This is the threshold for becoming an electric vehicle or motorcycle, so when converting or purchasing an E-cycle motor, you must be careful about the allowable power level.

Pedal assist

This is the most common type of E-cycle motor. You pedal and the motor starts to provide a certain level of assistance, which can pull the bicycle and make pedaling easier, but the key here is that you still need to pedal. This is the difference between pedal assist and full power/throttle. When you have pedal assist, you will feel more relaxed and smoother than a regular bicycle, so you won't feel tired during your commute. The entire goal here is to make your bicycle more feasible and reliable, so that you can work during a certain period of time without fatigue caused by the route. You know, it also helps you avoid wearing clothes with pits when you get to work, which is very helpful.

Understand the safety tips for riding an E-cycle motor

Before you start, remember some safety precautions when operating an E-cycle motor.

Speed difference

It is not like a regular bicycle, so don't treat it like one. Know the maximum speed your bicycle can reach without pedal assistance, and then find a way to test your maximum speed so you know what it is and how it feels. Built-in speedometers are available for many conversion kits, so give it a try.


It's that simple, if you know you need to brake, brake and slow down early, not suddenly stop completely. This is also why you should test your E-cycle motor before hitting the road.

Speed too fast

We have all fallen off bicycles before, but now with motors, heavier frames, and faster speeds. Even if you ride a level 3 E-cycle motor at only 28 miles/hour, falling can still be serious. Wear appropriate safety gear in advance.