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Understanding Front Hub Motors and Rear Hub Motors

When planning the manufacture of your electric bike, the first question you should ask yourself before choosing a conversion frame is... Do you want a front hub motor or a rear hub motor? If you already have the frame you plan to convert, your task will be much easier, you just need to determine whether the bike (and your commute) would be better suited for a front hub motor or a rear hub motor (or both?).

Choose the wheel hub motor you want to install

If you plan to install a high power motor (over 500W), it's best to use a rear hub motor. Knowing the high power motor is heavy (up to 25 pounds), you need to determine the best position for all the weight and the required power before deciding whether to choose a front hub motor or a rear hub motor. If you use geared wheel hub motors, you can get powerful wheel hub motors in lighter, smaller enclosures.

When purchasing a wheel hub motor or wheel hub motor kit, be sure to specify whether you want front-wheel or rear-wheel drive. Due to different distances between the front and rear hub, you cannot use the same kit on the front or back. Most people choose to use a rear hub motor when weighing the benefits and returns, but this depends entirely on personal preferences and what you want to get out of your bike.

Advantages of front hub motors and rear hub motors

To know whether to choose a front hub motor or a rear hub motor for your bike or when retrofitting an electric bike, you need to know the advantages of these two motors.

Advantages of front hub motors: Full-wheel drive if you pedal. It can't be beaten in snow, mud and rain. Keeps the rear pedal gears clean like there is no motor. You can use any gear system at the rear, including internal gear hubs. If the battery is in the popular and convenient rear rack, the bike is more balanced. Simplest electronic conversion. Because the front wheel slips in intense climbs, it's harder to suck the motor.

Advantages of rear hub motors: Better overall ride quality. Sturdy rear forks are harder to break than front forks, meaning more safety. Better traction for off-road climbing. Your choice of rear cassettes is limited. Wheel hub motors are hidden in gearboxes and rear disc brakes, which look cleaner and more discreet with the choice of a front suspension fork, front disc brake or upgrading to hydraulics.