Shengyi Electric Hub Motors

Shengyi Electric Hub Motors

As an important device that from electric energy to mechanical energy, the motor is the basic component. It is not only the power of industrial equipment, but also the power to get the conveniences of life. The performance and quality of the motor reflect a country's automation level, and play a very important role in the improvement of the economy, environmental protection and people's daily life.

Types of Electric Motor Products

Shengyi is one of the largest electric motor manufacturers in China. At Shengyi motor, our goal is to provide the best motors to meet the needs of customers, like scooter, ebike, motorcycle industry. We also make customized motors for the special design requirements.  Shengyi  electric motorcycle hub provides customers with strong power performance, low energy consumption, environmental protection, safe and reliable mechanical performances. We are quickly rising as China’s leading motor specialized manufacturer by innovation & advanced quality.

Shengyi has a wide array of hub motors for sale, including electric bike motors for sale, electric scooter motor and electric motorcycle hub motor. Among them, we have a wide range of electric bike motors for sale, so you could choose different ebike motor types. Now Shengyi will take you on a quick journey into the world of electric hub motors. 

Mid motor is mounted on the frame where the pedal crank is. Mid motor are far more complex than hub motors, which also cost too much.
All the weight is on the motor, which provides maximum traction in different conditions. Noise levels are lower on the rear hub, because of the extra weight on the wheel vibrations from other parts.
Front motors share the strain on the bike between the front wheel and rear wheel. It also isolated from the rest of the bicycle parts, making the bike easier to ride and other parts more aligned.

Advantages of Electric Motor Products

High efficiency

Efficiency rates surpass 80%, the special design enhances energy efficiency.

Mechanical Performance

Safe, reliable, light, environmental material, motor structure with high stability.


Compared with other types of motors, electric motors are quiet, lower noise, smooth running.


More powerful, higher workload of power.

Testimonials of Electric Motor Products

Well done, professional company, with perfect service, good communication, good quality, she is 100 % reliable. Thanks for your service and support. We recommend this company.
The motor is quiet, plenty of power. I live in a place with steep hills and motor makes them disappear, the motor is highly recommended.
Very reliable motor as same as the descripion online.This motor is amazing, lots of power, great range, and fairly easy to install
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