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Rear Hub Motor or Front Hub Motor

Electric bicycles are becoming more and more popular. However, their most striking thing is to provide two-wheeled electric vehicles for leisure riding and commuting. The two most popular motor system designs recently used for electric bicycles are mid-drive motors and hub motors.

1. Commonly used hub motors

In-wheel motors are the most commonly used motor type before mid-drive motors. In the hub motor,  the electric motor is placed in the center of the bicycle wheel to achieve even load distribution. Surely, the in-wheel motor can be installed on the rear wheel or the front wheel.

2. Rear wheel hub motor or front wheel hub motor

The front hub motor can perfectly balance the weight of the electric bicycle, because more weight is usually concentrated on the rear wheel. In addition, the front wheels usually get less level ground than the rear wheels. This is because they often lift up road debris and prepare for the rear wheels. Usually, the front wheel hub motor will leave the rear wheel intact, so that tires and inner tubes can be replaced more conveniently.

The lighter the front wheel of an electric bicycle, the lower the traction. Therefore, the more powerful front hub motor may usually burn out due to continuous pedaling. The front fork is not as strong as the rear fork. This means that a powerful front hub motor will eventually damage the front fork over time. In addition, a powerful hub motor of 750W and above is usually best installed in the rear wheel of an electric bicycle.