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Types of Mid Motor

Mid mount bike motor offers a natural riding experience. No matter which type of mid mount ebike motor or which price range of mid mount motor you are looking for, Shengyi provides a wide range of choices for you.

Application of Mid Motor

Mid motor makes the ebike center of gravity reasonable. However,hub motor is placed on the front and rear wheels, the center of gravity of the ebikes will not be balanced. Therefore, the weight distribution of the battery must be used to share the weight of the motor. The ebike center of gravity of mid motor is in the middle of the ebike. When the ebike is driving fast, it can play a role in front and rear balance.

The mid motor can change speed conditions. At the same time, the torque is higher, the acceleration is fast, and the climbing ability is strong. The dust-proof and water-proof performance of mid motor is also stronger.

Advantages of Mid Motor

The major advantage of the mid-motor drive is the mechanical characteristics offered by the gears. Mid-motor bikes could clearly outperform hub motor bikes having the same motor size on hills. If hill climbing ability is important for you, of course consider a mid-motor which has the additional cost, and reliability in mind. Mid-motor also tends to be a bit heavier than hub motor. There are other advantages, torque, you could climb a mountain, a balanced center of gravity and safety.

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