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Blog What Are the Advantages of Brushless Hub Motors Compared to Traditional Ones? What Are the Advantages and Common Uses of Brushless Hub Motors? Do You Know About Mid-drive Motors and Hub Motor?

Types of Ebike Rear Motor

Just as its name suggests, the rear hub motor sits on the rear wheel of the bike. The rear hub motor ebike feels like it’s being pushed from behind. The rear wheel motor withs derailleurs could ensure a wide range of gear ratios. Shengyi provides various types of electric motorcycle engine for sale, including quality ebike rear motor. The following are different types of rear hub motor for you to choose.

Advantages of Rear Motor

  • Compared to the mid-drive motor, the rear motor takes stress off the chain, which allows to causes less wear;

  • For some people who don't like noise, rear wheel hub motor is a good choice, because rear-hub motors are usually very quiet.

Application of Rear Motor

Since the rear hub motor has the advantages of better traction, smoother acceleration and stronger frame mounting,  we can see many smaller and weaker ebike hub motor is used in the front of the bike to get the weight distribution and avoid issues of tire spin, while larger and more powerful rear hub motor are used to take advantage of the gains in traction.

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