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Why Can Brushless Wheel Hub Motors Dominate the Electric Vehicle Market?

Ⅰ. Why can brushless wheel hub motors dominate the electric vehicle market?

The core reason why the brushless wheel hub motor can dominate the electric vehicle market is that the manufacturing cost is relatively low. At the same time, it can meet the current needs of two-wheeled electric vehicles. The structure of the brushless wheel hub motor is relatively simple, mainly composed of battery core, magnetic induction, winding copper wire, cover and other parts. The production technology requirements are not high, the manufacturing cost is low and the maintenance is simple. In terms of performance, the brushless e bike motor has the advantages of high power conversion efficiency and more power saving. In addition, it directly acts on the ground without power transmission, and has more advantages in starting acceleration. Surely, the heat dissipation of the brushless wheel hub motor is a big problem. When the speed of the electric vehicle is as high as 80km/h, or even above 100km/h, the defect of the poor heat dissipation of the brushless wheel hub motor is exposed. Once it overheats, it will lead to a burnt tire. When driving at high speed, a puncture is very dangerous. Therefore, at this time, it is the turn of the mid motor to play.

Ⅱ. Why are there more and more markets for mid motors?

The structure of the mid motor is much more complicated than that of the brushless wheel hub motor. In addition to the motor, the mid motor also needs the cooperation of clutches, transmission shafts, transmission chains, transmissions, differentials and other components to output power to the rear wheels. These components Not only did it not reduce the weight of the mid motor, but the large number of components made the failure rate a lot higher, requiring regular maintenance, and the difficulty of modification was relatively large. The advantage of the mid motor is that it is independently suspended under the body, connected to the rear wheel through a belt or chain, and has an independent cooling system. Therefore, it is more suitable for the installation of high-speed electric motorcycles above 80km/h. The mid-motor model has the characteristics of fast speed, strong power and strong handling performance. Although it is expensive, the riding experience is particularly good, so there are markets for it.

The mid motor also has its own strong advantages. Shengyi cmt03 E-bike mid-motor can change speed conditions, has a good sense of control, and at the same time has a large torque, fast acceleration, and strong climbing ability. The center of gravity of the mid motor is in the middle of the vehicle.The center of gravity of the mid-mounted motor is in the middle of the vehicle, which can play a role of front and rear balance when the vehicle is running fast. For the front and rear shock absorbers, this can make the load-bearing more balanced, allowing the car to complete high-speed cornering and other actions. It can reach a top speed of 100 kilometers per hour and is a violent motor.