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What Are the Benefits of Wheel Hub Motors?

Ⅰ. Application of the wheel hub motor

We know that electric motors are applied in all forms of electric cars. There are motors with gears and transmission systems, and there are wheel hub motors directly mounted on the wheels. The brushless wheel hub motor, which is most widely used in electric cycle motors all over the world, is now gradually shifting its influence to large electric vehicles such as electric cars, electric buses and electric trucks. So what are the benefits of wheel hub motors?

Ⅱ. Benefits of wheel hub motors

1. Since the wheel hub motors are directly integrated into the motor of the vehicle, the installation is simple and easy. This feature of the wheel hub motor can help us easily convert any existing bicycles into electric bicycles. This is why these motors are best suited for conversion kits.

2. If a wheel hub motor is used, the vehicle does not need a differential.

3. These motors are external rotor motors. Their motor ratio is 1:1. Each time the motor rotates, the wheel also rotates.

4. The wheel hub motor is designed with more magnetic poles, which means that the motor provides higher torque. Higher torque is essential for the initial start of the vehicle.

5. Since the wheel hub motor uses BLDC motor technology, this technology has electronic commutation instead of mechanical commutation. Therefore, compared with similar motors, this motor requires less maintenance and is more reliable.

6. The hub motor does not have any type of gear or chain transmission, which improves the operating efficiency of the vehicle compared with similar products. In addition, the absence of transmission components means that there is no need to use any oil that may contaminate the product.

7. Another advantage is that the wheel hub motor makes less noise during operation and will bring a pleasant ride experience.