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What Is the Reason for Choosing a Mid-Drive Motor for Bicycles?

Mid-drive motor for bicycles: More natural riding experience

With the mid-drive motor integrated into the transmission system of the bicycle, it operates closer to the source of bicycle movement. By the way, that's your pedals. Compared to electric bikes with hub motors, this makes the riding feel more natural. These motors work in harmony with your pedaling and allow for subtle assistance. It makes you feel like you have superpowered legs. Whereas hub motors can sometimes feel more like riding a scooter. 

Mid-drive motor for bicycles: Better weight distribution

Mid-drive motors provide better weight distribution throughout the entire bicycle compared to hub motors. This is because they are located in the middle of the bicycle. The whole bike is better balanced, making hill climbing easier. The weight behind you lightens the weight you pull back, or the weight in front of you lightens the weight you push up. Electric bikes with mid-drive motors allow you to confidently attach cargo to the rear of the bike compared to rear hub motors. This is because the cargo won't throw off the balance of the bike too much. 

Mid-drive motor for bicycles: More efficient battery consumption

Mid-drive motors have a greater impact on battery consumption compared to hub motors. This is because they only move one chain link instead of the whole wheel, requiring less effort from the motor. Therefore, mid-drive motors offer you more battery power for longer distances covered without the need for a bigger battery, reducing the weight of the bike. Alternatively, if you insist on using a larger battery, you will get more benefits.

In addition, mid-drive motors are usually of better quality compared to hub motors. Mid-drive motors typically have better quality and higher-end engineering designs compared to hub motors. This is because they need to withstand more pressure due to the torque from the rider's pedaling. As a result, they tend to hold their value for longer periods. Mid-drive motors are simply a more modern design than wheel hub motors.