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Techniques to Improve the Speed of E-Cycle Motors

Understanding E-cycle motors

E-cycle motors are personal transportation devices that integrate motor, controller, battery, throttle, and display system on the basis of traditional motors, with batteries as auxiliary power sources.

Methods of improving the speed of E-cycle motors

Maintain charging

Batteries in a higher charging state have higher voltage. The speed of direct current motors (such as those in E-cycle motors) depends entirely on voltage. Therefore, higher voltage leads to higher speed. By keeping the battery in a higher charging state, your driving speed will naturally be faster.

Replace higher voltage batteries

Since motor speed depends on voltage, using higher voltage batteries is the fastest way to increase speed. However, before upgrading to a 48V battery from a 36V battery, for example, you need to check if your controller can handle the extra voltage (most can handle slight overvoltage). If you are uncomfortable checking the rated voltage of the controller (usually written on the capacitor), please consult the manufacturer. Do not replace the battery without checking, as you may risk destroying the controller if it cannot handle higher voltage. Also note that any battery meter you currently use may no longer read accurately unless you replace it with a new one appropriate for the voltage.

Select a motor

Another way to increase the speed of electric bicycles is to use motors with higher RPM ratings for specific voltages (known as the KV rating of the motor). This is especially easy for hub motors, as they are usually designed with multiple motor windings for different models. You just need to purchase a motor with a higher KV or RPM rating than the current one.

Use smoother tires

Mountain bike-style tires with multiple sections are great for gripping, and their wide contact surface helps eliminate bumps. Ditch the knobs and select smoother tires for street or mixed use. They have less rolling resistance and can actually add an extra 1 to 2 mph in certain situations.

Keep the battery cool

A cool battery is a happy battery. A happy battery experiences less voltage sag when under load. As we have already learned, lower voltage equals lower speed. Therefore, make sure your battery gets enough cooling air to prevent it from overheating. Most electric bicycles already have sufficient cooling devices, but some electric bicycles that hide the battery in a bag may experience heat issues, which can affect your maximum speed.