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Maintenance Tips for E-Cycle Motors

Recognizing the E-cycle motor

E-cycle motors are not just a simple mode of transportation, they have already deeply penetrated into some commercial activities that are closely related to the lives of citizens, such as home delivery of express delivery, drinking water, bottled gas, rice, newspapers, letters, and other materials. E-cycle motors not only guarantee the convenience of citizens' lives, but also allow everyone to enjoy a "high cost-effective" life.

What are the techniques for maintaining the E-cycle motor?

Regular adjustment of E-cycle motors is very important. The time depends on how often you ride a bike or the conditions, and of course, the type of bike. You can find out when to adjust from the E-cycle motor's gearshift, gear shifting is not smooth, spoke loosening or brake requires readjustment, etc.

Keep the battery of the E-cycle motor in a dry and cool environment and charge it. If the range or performance of your bike declines, don't assume there is a problem with the battery or bike. There may be other reasons, such as tire pressure, cold weather conditions, etc. You should keep the tire pressure. Temperature changes can easily affect tire pressure. You can see how much tire pressure should be on the side of the tire. Check the pressure at least once a month, otherwise, you may start experiencing range or speed issues.

Keep the chain clean and lubricated regularly. Try to keep the chain clean after each ride and don't leave them in dirt. Clean the chain using chain penetrating oil first, then use chain lubricant to clean it better. It is recommended to keep the chain moist rather than dry. The creaking disc brake is another factor that affects the performance of E-cycle motors. Keep the disc brake clean and aligned. Once aligned correctly, you will see that it no longer drags and rubs.

The motor of 90% of E-cycle motors on the market is waterproof, therefore, the most vulnerable part of your E-cycle motor will be the controller. Try to put it in a waterproof bag or box to prevent it from getting damp and direct contact with water.

Carry a set of Allen wrenches, tire repair kit, air pump, and phone with you for emergencies. Recommended wrench sizes are 3, 4, 5, and 6 as they are the most commonly used sizes on modern bikes. Finally, for your own safety, always wear a helmet when riding.