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Applications of Hub Motors in Electric Unicycles and E Cycle Motors

1. What is a hub motor?

The hub motor, also known as a hub drive, is an electric motor installed in the hub of the wheel and directly drives it. The motor technology used in the hub motor is brushless DC technology. Brushless DC (BLDC) motors belong to the next generation of DC motor technology in which mechanical commutation is replaced by electronic commutation. It eliminates all contact between the rotor and the stator, extending the service life of the motor.

2. Application of hub motors in electric unicycles

Electric unicycles are becoming increasingly prominent in the field of personal transportation. You can carry them with you with only a backpack to help solve the last mile traffic problem. An electric unicycle (EUC) is a motorcycle with one wheel, which is usually used for personal transportation, especially commuting and leisure. A self-balancing electric unicycle is usually composed of one wheel instead of two wheels.

The motor power ranges from 200W to several kilowatts. These vehicles use in-wheel motors with pressure sensors that drive the motors based on signals from the rider's foot pressure. Compared with similar hoverboards, they are faster, have a wider range, and can withstand greater weight.

3. Application of hub motors in E cycle motors

Today, we cannot imagine an E cycle motor without a hub motor. The power range of the hub motor of the e cycle motor is from 250W to 7000W. The hub motor is an aluminum die-cast part, using neodymium iron boron magnets. The motor is always accompanied by a power electronic controller as an electronic commutator. Whether it is an electric scooter or an e cycle motor, the die-cast cover design depends on the vehicle model. If it is an e cycle motor, the cover should also have provisions for inserting spokes. The power limit for road tax and driving license exemption in India is 250W. For the above reasons, the in-wheel brushless  motor has proven itself to be a strong competitor for electric bicycle applications.