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What Are the Advantages of the Mid-Drive Motor?

Mid-drive motor advantages for bicycles

Most of you are looking for the best available option and don't mind spending a few hundred dollars extra to get that (after all, you've already spent a fair bit on the electric bike). So, let's take a look at some of the advantages of mid-drive motor bicycles to help you make a decision.


You feel like you have more power when cycling because the motor provides power to the bike's drivetrain. 

Higher range

You'll get a greater range from a mid-drive motor bike if you use two bikes with similar specs, and this isn't just about the power of the motor. The efficiency of the mid-drive motor allows it to go further. 

You feel less exhausted

With increased power, you can go farther without feeling tired. This will be especially useful if you are cycling long distances or commuting daily. 

Better handling

The mid-drive motor is placed close to the center of the bicycle. This placement improves the bike's handling.

Wheel hub motor advantages for bicycles

Due to the variety of models, styles, and brands, many people prefer to use bicycles with hub motors. In addition, there are still some advantages for electric bicycles with hub motors.

Lower cost

As mentioned above, you can save a few hundred dollars by buying an electric bike with a hub motor instead of a mid-drive one. 

Resting from pedaling

In addition, you can still have the motor powering the wheel and letting you move forward even when you are resting. 

New brands and features

With electric bikes becoming more and more popular, the number of brands, models, features, and types is increasing. 

Therefore, there is a steady stream of electric bikes to choose from. Due to the diversity of features and models and lower costs, many leisure cyclists still end up purchasing an electric bike with a hub motor.

Mid-drive motor bicycle maintenance costs

I recommend that you regularly maintain your electric bike, at least once a year, but possibly two or three times a year if you cycle daily. Maintenance should include checking and cleaning your electric motor. If you notice anything wrong with individual parts, you'll need to replace them - and this is where mid-drive motor bicycles are often more expensive. Hub motor electric bikes are fun, take you where you need or want to go, and provide several style choices at prices suitable for many budgets.