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Get to Know Different Types of Wheel Hub Motors

The advantages of mid-drive motors

Most mid-drive motors require a special frame to be installed around the motor. As a result, the motor is fully enclosed, which may be more aesthetically pleasing and better suited for single-track mountain bike riding, but it also greatly increases the cost of the bike. The mid drive motor we use can be added to a regular bike frame, which means that it is easier to repair the bike when needed and that it is cheaper to purchase as an integrated electric bike since we don't have to create a "special" frame.

Mid-drive motors keep the weight of the bike at a lower level, which is also an advantage, especially when compared to heavier, old-fashioned hub motors. Mid-drive motors are more efficient because they drive the crankshaft directly. Mid-drive motors are more suitable for experienced bike riders because you have to push harder to get more torque. Therefore, while mid-drive motors are very good at low-speed/high-torque uphill rides, which use less power, they require more leg strength to achieve the same speed as a hub motor of the same power.

The advantages of front hub motors

The new front hub motors are very lightweight and easy to retrofit onto most existing bikes. Hub motors like to spin, so they work very well with your gears. This means that if you don't want to pedal when using a hub motor, you don't have to, so these motors often provide more assistance than mid-drive motors.

Hub motors are cheaper than mid-drive motors because they can be installed on regular bike frames. Front hub motors are easy to replace or repair (depending on the type and seller). Front hub motors can be easily used with hub gears, derailleurs, and belt-drive bikes. Front hub motors can be easily used with adult tricycles. Front hub motors do not require too much maintenance for the transmission chain. If a front hub motor is used for retrofitting, there is no need to replace the gears, and the conversion is very easy (so the installation cost is often cheaper).

The advantages of rear hub motors

Rear hub motors are a mature technology that can be used to retrofit most bikes. The newer rear hub motors usually have considerable torque, are suitable for standard frames, and work well with derailleur gears. Rear hub motors are better on dirt roads than front hub motors, and they are usually cheaper than mid-drive motors. You can use a rear hub motor to retrofit carbon fiber bikes. Maintenance costs are roughly the same as for front hubs, and wear on the drive chain is often less.