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What is the Difference Between a Brushless Motor and a Brushed Motor for Motorcycles?

Electric cars are everywhere now, so do you know your electric car? Many electric vehicle users do not know what is the difference between a brushless motor and a brushed motor? I don't know which is better, a brushed motor or a brushless motor?

1. Conceptual difference between brushless motor and brushed motor of motorcycle

The brushed motor has carbon brushes, and as a traditional electric vehicle motor, its main components are carbon brushes, commutators, motor rotors, motor stators, motor shafts, motor end caps, bearings, etc. Its working principle is to use the brush to connect the current of the rotor with the voltage regulating device to play the role of voltage regulation.

Motorcycle brushless motors From the literal meaning, we can know that brushless motors do not have carbon brushes. Its working principle is to use the exciter to connect with the pressure regulating device to play the role of pressure regulation.

2. The difference between the advantages of motorcycle brushless motor and brushed motor

The biggest advantage of the brushed hub motor is that the structure is simple, the cost is lower, and the starting and braking effect is better. At low speed, the brushed motor has excellent torque performance and greater torque. However, its shortcomings are also obvious. The carbon brushes wear out quickly and require frequent maintenance. In addition, compared with the brushless motor of the motorcycle, it is louder and less efficient. Finally, it is more affected by the environment, is easily demagnetized, and has a relatively short service life.

The advantages of brushless motors for motorcycles are many, including strong anti-interference ability, low running sound, and high efficiency. In addition, the brushless motor has a longer service life and requires little maintenance.

3. The difference between the application of brushless motor and brushed motor of motorcycle

In addition, in terms of application, brushless motors for motorcycles are more widely used than brushed motors. From the current electric two-wheeler market, most electric vehicles use brushless motors. Even for electric tricycles and electric four-wheelers, brushless motors are more widely used than brushed motors. So, does this mean that brushed motors are useless? The answer is also no, because of the characteristics of brushed motors, many heavy-duty electric tricycles still use brushed motors.

Therefore, on the whole, the performance of the brushless motor of the motorcycle is better and more practical than the brushed motor, but its price will be higher. For users, if it is not a special heavy-duty electric tricycle, it is recommended to choose a brushless motor for motorcycles. Of course, when choosing a motor, you should also keep your eyes open to check whether the product's certificate of conformity is consistent with the actual information, and beware of choosing a refurbished motor.