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What Are the Advantages of a Mid Drive Motor?

1. What is a mid drive electric motor?

In order to achieve better sports performance, high-end sports electric vehicles will use mid drive electric motors. The mid drive electric motor, as the name suggests, is to place the motor in the middle of the frame. The advantage of the mid drive electric motor is that it can maintain the front and rear balance of the electric vehicle to the greatest extent, and will not affect the shock absorption, and the motor will be less impacted by the road surface on bumpy roads. In terms of wiring, because of the ultra-high integration, it can reduce the leakage of the wire tube, so it is better than the electric vehicle with wheel hub motor in terms of handling, stability, and passability on bumpy roads. However, in terms of price, comprehensive performance and later maintenance, the cost of the mid drive electric motor is much higher than that of the wheel hub motor, and the mid drive electric motor is transmitted to the rear wheel through the chainring and chain, which will increase wear and tear.

2. What are the advantages of the mid drive electric motor?

Large torque, quick start, wheels can slide like a bicycle, suitable for mountain, low speed, and frequent urban starting acceleration, braking power saving. The mid drive electric motor can change speed conditions, has a good sense of control, fast acceleration, and strong climbing ability. The center of gravity of the central motor is in the middle of the vehicle. When the vehicle is running fast, it can play a role of front and rear balance. For front and rear shock absorption, the load bearing is relatively balanced.

The mid drive electric motor has high power and good heat dissipation. The mid drive electric motor has transmission loss and waste of electricity, and the advantage of this feature in terms of competition is that it can be docked with the gearbox, or the crankset can be adjusted casually to change the ratio of speed and torque.

3. What is the difference between a wheel hub motor and a mid drive electric motor?

The wheel hub motor, as the name implies, integrates the motor and motor into the inside of the hub. After the power is turned on, the motor converts the electrical energy into mechanical energy, thereby driving the wheel to rotate, thereby driving the vehicle forward. As the core of power output, the motor, one of the four major components of electric vehicles, has the ability to convert kinetic energy into mechanical energy. In the market share ratio of mid drive electric motors and wheel hub motors, wheel hub motors have an absolute advantage.

Wheel hub motors are widely used in electric vehicles due to their mature design and low price. However, because the motors are integrated on the wheels, the front and rear balance of electric vehicles is broken. Therefore, mid drive electric motors are mostly used in high-end sports electric vehicles. Therefore, when choosing an electric car, you should choose the right electric car according to your needs.