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What Are the Advantage of the Wheel Hub Motor?

Ⅰ. Knowing the wheel hub motor technology

Wheel hub motor technology is also known as wheel-mounted motor technology. Its biggest feature is the integration of power, transmission and braking devices into the wheel hub, thus greatly simplifying the mechanical parts of electric vehicles. The wheel hub motor is a motor designed to integrate the "power system, transmission system, and brake system" of the car.

Ⅱ. What are the advantage of the wheel hub motor?

1. The wheel hub motor omits a large number of transmission components, making the vehicle structure simpler

For traditional vehicles, clutches, transmissions, transmission shafts, differentials and even transfer cases are all essential. These components are not only light in weight and make the structure of the vehicle more complex, but also require regular maintenance and failure rate. But the wheel hub motor solves this problem well. In addition to a simpler structure, a vehicle driven by an wheel hub motor can achieve better space utilization, and at the same time, the transmission efficiency is much higher.

2. The hub motor can realize a variety of complex driving methods

Because the wheel hub motor has the characteristics of independent driving of a single wheel, it can be implemented relatively easily regardless of whether it is a front-wheel drive, a rear-wheel drive or a four-wheel drive. The full-time four-wheel drive is very easy to implement on a vehicle driven by an in hub electric motor. At the same time, the wheel hub motor can realize the differential steering similar to the crawler vehicle through the different speeds of the left and right wheels or even reversal, greatly reducing the turning radius of the vehicle. In special cases, it is almost possible to turn in situ (but the wear for the turning device and the tire is greater), which is very valuable for special vehicles.

3. The wheel hub motor facilitates the adoption of a variety of new energy vehicle technologies

Many new energy vehicles use electric drive, so the wheel hub motor drive also comes in handy. Regardless of whether it is a pure electric or fuel hybrid electric vehicle, or an extended-range electric vehicle, the wheel hub motor can be used as the main driving force; even for hybrid models, the wheel hub motor can also be used as a booster for starting or rapid acceleration. One machine is multi-purpose. At the same time, many technologies of new energy vehicles, such as braking energy recovery (ie, regenerative braking), can also be easily implemented on wheel hub motor-driven vehicles.

The wheel hub motor technology does have very good advantages, not only can save a lot of space, but also improve the transmission efficiency, which is a good direction for the development of new energy vehicles.