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How to Maintain the Hub Motor?

1. The first step of repairing the hub motor

Observation: Check whether the motor ring is damaged to repair or replace. If the motor ring is made of steel or the iron ring is not too severely deformed, you can use a hammer to repair it to prevent the motor ring from deforming and causing a puncture and out of roundness. The bumps, even if they do not return to the original position, do not affect the continued use. If the motor ring is deformed, cracked or broken in aluminum, replace it.

Disassembly: It is best to spray hub motor parts to be disassembled with rust remover to remove rust for disassembly.

Cleaning: The motor end covers are mostly hexagonal screws. After a long time, there will be sludge and foreign matter at the edges, which will cause trouble for disassembly. Forcibly removing the edges and rounding is more difficult to disassemble. You can find a sharp awl to insert the hexagonal wires on both sides of the motor end cover. The dirty stuff was cleaned out, and the six-sided thread was easily unscrewed.

2. The second step of repairing the hub motor

Strike: The stator and rotor of the in hub electric motor are attracted by the magnet, and they are usually separated by struck. Try to be parallel as much as possible during the punching. When the punching is about to separate from the rotor, do not "buckle" the stator with your hands.

Magnetic steel separate motor coil: Because the internal magnetic steel of the electric vehicle motor is brittle, neodymium iron boron, samarium cobalt, and alnico magnets are generally used! It is best to use aluminum tools for separation, and first suck one of the magnets off. Since the magnets cannot be touched, the magnetic field will be disturbed and the motor will work abnormally. "Clean up the magnet sticking surface of the new motor ring in advance, so that the magnet and the motor ring are better bonded". The magnets of the surrounding ring should be kicked off one by one and transferred to the new motor ring. It will not work properly if it rots or cannot sense the magnetism or the magnetic field is disordered! When arranging the magnets, it is best to grind the sides of the magnets with gauze to prevent the kicked magnets from being "squeezed" due to the space occupied by the glue.

Check the position of the magnetic steel sheet to paste: Find a magnetic steel sheet to check whether the paste polarity is correct. The adjacent s pole must be the n pole. If the arrangement is wrong, please correct it. After confirming that it is correct, please bond it with glue to ensure that each piece of magnetic steel sheet is stuck to prevent it from falling off.

3. The third step of repairing the hub motor

Installation: Pay attention to check before installation: 

1. Whether the tire is "cut" when it hits.                 

2. Whether the bearing rotates dexterously and whether there is abnormal noise. If so, please replace the bearing together to avoid boring. It is better to use some sealing glue when installing the end covers at both ends of the motor to avoid loose sealing.    

3. Appropriately apply some lubricating oil to the brake joints to allow them to rebound flexibly when the brakes are adjusted.