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What Is the Difference Between Front and Rear Wheel Hub Motors?

As we all know, there are several types of electric bike conversion kits, such as wheel hub motors, mid-drive systems, and other types. So why should we go with a wheel hub motor?

Reasons for choosing wheel hub motors

Firstly, the wheel hub motor is completely independent of the drivetrain. While we don't claim that the wheel hub motor is superior to mid-drive systems, both have their advantages and disadvantages. When the chain breaks, the freewheel fails, or the derailleur is damaged, the wheel hub motor can still move the bike until the rider reaches their destination. As the wheel hub motor reduces mechanical wear on the gears, it's very friendly to the chain. Unlike a mid-drive system, it reduces pressure on the pedals and chain. A wheel hub motor with a torque arm installed correctly won't experience peak power issues. You can easily accelerate without depending on the chain.

The wheel hub motor is easy to install, especially a front hub motor, which might be the most straightforward electric bike conversion type. Just remove the existing wheel and replace it with the wheel hub motor. The wheel hub motor won't encounter any downshifting or upshifting issues. You can hold the bike in any gear and use the motor to accelerate without shifting. As the technology improves, the wheel hub motor becomes increasingly sophisticated. That's why we carry wheel hub motors instead of mid-drive systems or any other types of conversion kits.

What's different between a front hub and a rear hub motor?

Both front hub motors and rear hub motors have their advantages and disadvantages. So which one should you prefer?

The first thing you should be aware of is weight distribution. If you install the battery in the middle or back of your electric bike, you might want to go with a front hub to distribute the weight evenly. Putting all the weight in one area would be a bad idea.

On the other hand, since the rider's weight is mainly supported by the rear wheel, the torque from the front wheel may be smaller. Therefore, the front wheel hub motor can rotate freely, but the rear wheel hardly rotates on dry roads, which means it provides better traction. Another thing to note is the installation process. The front hub motor is easier to install. You don't have to transfer the freewheel or adjust the derailleur and chain. The motor in the front works like a rear pedal with all-wheel drive. A front hub motor with high power settings is not suitable for front forks. Especially aluminum forks may not handle high torque and can lead to serious safety issues in a timely manner.