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What Does it Feel Like to Ride with Wheel Hub Motors Installed?

The motor of an electric bike is a wheel hub motor, which is located in the center of the front or rear wheel, or a mid-drive motor, which is located between the pedals. No matter which motor you have, it will affect the price, performance and riding experience of the electric bike. 

Working principle of the wheel hub motor

The electric motor is a rotary electric machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. It mainly consists of a stator winding or distributed winding used to generate a magnetic field and a rotating armature or rotor. Under the action of the rotating magnetic field of the stator winding, current passes through the squirrel-cage aluminum frame on the armature and is rotated by the magnetic field. The wheel hub motor is an electric motor that is connected to the vehicle wheel. The wheel hub motor is usually speed-coupled to the wheel controller to change the motion speed of the bicycle.

Power transmission system of the wheel hub motor is independent

The wheel hub motor is independent of the power transmission system of the electric bike. The mid drive motor is integrated into the transmission system of the electric bike. If you are not familiar with the term transmission system, it is the mechanism that makes the bicycle move. It will include the crankshaft, pedals, gear mechanism and chain. The freedom of power transmission system that you get from the wheel hub motor can achieve more functional bicycle designs. Especially the frame. This is because if the motor is located within the transmission system, the rest of the bicycle will need more design around it. 

In addition, if the motor is not included in the transmission system (especially on the chain), there will be less wear and tear on the transmission system. Therefore, if your electric bike is equipped with a wheel hub motor, you should expect the components in the transmission system to last longer.

A rear wheel hub motor provides a push feel, while a front wheel hub motor provides a traction feel.

Riding feel when installing the wheel hub motor

Some people like the feeling of being pulled onto the electric bike front wheel hub motor because it feels natural. The front wheel hub motor provides full-wheel drive. This is because the motor moves the front wheel, while your pedals move the rear wheel. Some riders appreciate this aspect. This is because it provides better traction on smooth and uneven surfaces. This makes it easier to cross obstacles. Other riders like the push feel of the rear wheel hub motor. Here, you can get the feeling of a rocket push and it is fun to ride. Whether it is a front wheel hub motor or a rear wheel hub motor, some cyclists like the feeling of support they get from their legs. This is because the power is on the wheel.