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Maintenance Methods of Hub Motor

Ⅰ. Hub motor: observation and disassembly

Observation: Check the degree of damage to the hub motor ring whether it needs "reshaping" or "replacement". If the motor ring is a steel ring or an iron ring and the impact deformation is not too serious, you can use a hammer to shape it to prevent the deformation of the motor ring. The tire is punctured and bumped due to out-of-roundness, even if the tire will not be in place, it will not affect the continued use. If the motor coil is made of aluminum, it is deformed, cracked or damaged, please replace it.

Removal: When the hub motor is disassembled, it is best to spray and remove rust on the part to be disassembled with rust remover, so as to facilitate disassembly. For example: at both ends of the motor shaft, connecting the brake screw, etc.

Ⅱ. Hub motor: cleaning and piercing

Cleaning: The hub motor end caps are mostly hexagonal screws. After a long time, there will be sludge and foreign matter at the edges, which will cause trouble for disassembly. It is more difficult to disassemble if the edges are forcibly removed and rounded. The dirt inside was cleaned out, and the hexagonal wire was easily unscrewed.

Piercing: The stator and rotor of the in-wheel motor are attracted by magnets, and are generally separated by piercing. When the pier strikes, try to be as parallel as possible. When the pier strike is about to separate from the rotor, do not "buckle" the stator with your hands. If the force cannot be controlled, the stator will be sucked back into the rotor, which will easily cause your hand to be injured. Be sure to remove the other end cap as well.

Ⅲ. Hub motor: pay attention to inspection before installation

Magnetic steel separation motor ring: Since the magnetic steel inside the hub motor is brittle, it is best to use an aluminum tool for separation. First, "kick" one of the magnets. Since the magnet is divided into s-pole and n-pole, do not stick it wrong to prevent chaos The magnetic field is generated, causing the in-wheel motor to work abnormally. If one of the magnets is rotten, Hall will not be able to sense the magnetism or the magnetic field will be chaotic, and it will not function properly! When arranging the magnets, it is best to use gauze to grind the sides of the magnets to prevent the kicked magnets from being "squeezed" due to the space occupied by the glue.

Check the position of the magnetic steel sheet for pasting: find a magnetic steel sheet and check whether the pasting polarity is correct. An s-pole adjacent must be an n-pole. If the arrangement is wrong, please correct it! After confirming that it is correct, please stick it with glue to ensure that each magnetic steel sheet is stuck to prevent it from falling off.

Installation: Before installing the wheel hub motor, pay attention to check:

1. Whether the tire hits and "cuts".

2. Whether the bearing rotates dexterously, and whether there is a "clanging gear" phenomenon. If so, please replace the bearing together to avoid sweeping the hall. It is better to use some sealing glue when installing the end caps at both ends of the hub motor to avoid water ingress.

3. Apply some lubricating oil to the brake joint appropriately, and let it rebound flexibly when adjusting the brake.