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Choosing a Wheel Hub Motor for an Electric Bicycle

Generally speaking, electric bicycles are not cheap. Therefore, when purchasing an electric bicycle, you should take the time to ensure that you choose the right one for you, and in this case, you need to consider various factors, one of which should be what type of motor you want your bicycle to have.

The cost of wheel hub motors

Wheel hub motors are cheaper than mid-drive motors. You may find two electric bicycles with similar specifications, except for the motor type. In this case, you should expect the wheel hub motor for electric bike to be cheaper. This is because the design of the wheel hub motor is more standardized than that of the mid drive motor. Because wheel hub motors are mounted on the wheels, they do not interfere with the overall design of the bicycle. This usually means that their design does not need to be changed to accommodate different shapes of frames and bicycle sizes. This allows wheel hub motors to be mass-produced, reducing costs.

Wheel hub motors are more suitable for conversion kits

Because of this power transmission system freedom, you can get it from wheel hub motors. They are easily integrated as part of a conversion kit. These conversion kits are used to upgrade existing bicycles to electric bicycles. Because wheel hub motors are not embedded in the transmission system. Compared with mid-drive motors, they require less installation technology (for existing bicycles). Using wheel hub motors, you only need to connect the wires to the control device and the battery.

Wheel hub motors are more suitable for throttles

Wheel hub motors are usually the first choice for electric bicycles with throttles. Similarly, this is due to the freedom provided by their power transmission system. If you go out for a ride and the chain breaks, you can still use the throttle to engage the wheel hub motor and get you home. Wheel hub motors allow this to happen because they do not rely solely on the chain to activate them. Due to the independence of this power transmission system. If the wheel hub motor itself fails during the ride, you can still pedal home. Using wheel hub motors, you always have a backup option, providing you with additional security.

Setting a throttle for an electric bicycle is beneficial if you are tired during a long ride and want to avoid pedaling. At maximum speed, wheel hub motors require less pedaling force than mid-drive motors. If you use an electric bicycle for commuting, then it is a good choice.