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Advantages of Electric Bikes with Mid Motors

The mid motor is the solution that many people choose for electric bicycles at present, and most mid-to-high-end electric bicycles adopt this solution. So what are the advantages of using an electric bike with a mid motor?

Ⅰ. Mid motor has lower rolling resistance and higher energy conversion rate

Hub drive motors are usually very simple brushless motors. The mid motor collects the power signal acting on the pedal, and then cooperates with the clutch, transmission shaft, differential and other components to apply the output kinetic energy to the crankset to assist the rider to pedal. In the case of no battery power supply, the mid motor is completely separated from the center shaft, and there is no reluctance. So when the battery runs out, you can still go without a hitch.

Ⅱ. Mid motor has more torque and less wiring

Even with the addition of a torque sensor, the hub drive motor is still only able to control the speed through the amount of current, and the torque can be increased simply by increasing the speed of the motor. This will lead to greater power consumption, more energy waste and lower overall efficiency. The more technologically advanced mid motor is a combination of internal drive gears. Multiple clutch gears form a variable speed ratchet inside the motor, which increases the output torque and has higher load and gradeability. And its torque sensor is more sensitive, sensing the change in the pedaling force of the crank, acting directly on the bottom bracket, accelerating faster.

Less wiring and greater integration: Many components are integrated into the mid motor, with just a few wires sticking out to connect to the handlebar controller. This simplified and integrated design makes the appearance of the bicycle more concise and easy to maintain.

Ⅲ. The mid motor has a more reasonable center of gravity and reduces the failure rate

Due to the heavy weight of the electric bike rear hub motor, the bike’s center of gravity will not be balanced when it’s installed on the rear wheel. Moreover, when the motor assists, there will be a strong sense of frustration, which is not suitable for controlling the bicycle, which will seriously affect the riding experience. In addition, the moment of inertia generated by the dead weight of the motor will increase the load on the braking system.

The mid motor has better gravity balance, does not affect the balance of the bike at high speeds, and does not require additional batteries to counterbalance the weight. Therefore, most newly released e-bikes have the battery integrated into the down tube. It can also reduce the burden on the braking system, improve braking performance and prolong the service life of the braking system.

Reduce the failure rate: The integration of the mid motor is very high, and it can generally reach the protection level of IP65 or above, which can completely resist dust intrusion and water jets from any angle.